I was born 1979 in Kutaissi, Georgien.

2001 I graduated in Journalism at the University of Kutaissi and worked as a Journalist for various Magazines, Radios and NGO’s.

In 1999 together with other Media Artists I founded the Modern Art Center “Art-Club” and have worked there as a project manager and author.

Since 2004 I have lived in Berlin, Germany.

In 2011 I graduated from the faculty of Cultural Science and Russian Language at the University of Potsdam in Germany.

Engagement and Projects 

Most currently I’m engaged in the formation of the organization „Galerie UPcycling e.V.“ – a centre for children and adults to discuss subjects such as consumption and environment and also to recycle unusable objects into artworks. 

The other project I’m working on as a blog author is the blog post German from Foreigners and articles & photography. In this web-blog I’m writing articles in the German language.

I’m working for the exhibition project “Origin of the Sign” which illustrates the visual side of linguistic, philosophical and cultural phenomenon, based in the most important post-structural assumptions.